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A: Submit the form on our home page to become a contributing writer. 

A:You may purchase Scars of Survival Magazine on our website or at select Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Books A Million nationwide. Inquire as to which locations 

A: Issues are published monthly 

A:We send copies of our magazines in the states and abroad, we are Global. ​ 

A: Sure, at this time we are only able to offer you a complimentary free magazine if your article is approved for submission. ​

A: Our target audience happens to be individuals who are currently in a domestic violence situation, have survived, and even overcome. Also any individual to include professional who is in business to help these individuals heal and overcome. ​ 

A: We will create one for you for an additional $10 fee. 

A. Yes we do, please send us an inquiry via email 

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