Urban Not Average and DearDeandra’s Event

October 26, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Urban Not Average and DearDeandra’s Event

Urban Not Average and DearDeandra’s Event was something for us to remember. It was heart felt and touching to experience guest broken into tears as they heard testimonies of how DearDeandra was founded in honor of the founders late sister. Domestic Violence is a pandemic that’s very much real globally and effects men, women, and children. We have lost so many beautiful souls to Domestic Violence. When I heard the story behind Brittany Shell “ A Suit Case And a Dream” I was moved to hear how she had gone from one foster home to another carrying trash bags of cloths.

Brittany now help others by purchasing suitcases for them. Many have had to follow their dreams living out a suit case and even their cars. I can tell you the atmosphere was set for this remarkable event and I am thankful for every organization, and support group that’s stepping in to help those that are victims and survivors. Thank you to Brittany Miller and her team with Team Brittany Miller Brand for choosing Scars Of Survival Magazine as one of the chosen media outlets to cover and sponsor this AHmazing event for such a great cause. Let’s continue to pray for those that lost their love ones due to Domestic Violence and for those of us that are survivors lets continue to support each other moving forward and thrive.